luni, 21 decembrie 2015

Click Fraud almoust killed my business

                Five years ago I opened an online store which sells auto parts and accessories. Eash month I spent over 1000$ on pay per click advertising and a big part of this sum was spent on google adwords campaigns here, about what is click fraud and instantly I had a revelation. In the same day I setted up a click fraud detector and after 2 days I saw in my reports even 10 click from the same ip address. Atfer only 1 month using the click fraud service I saved up 250$ and I doubled up the number of conversions. I started inspecting my google adwords campaigns in the hope of found something…but I cound’t discovered anything. I read an article
After a period of 3 months I realized that something strange was happening because I had a small number of conversions ( 10…maximum 15 ).
                I can say that click fraud service saved up my business, if not uncover fraud from my google adwords account most likely would have closed the business because I would not be able to support it financially. I recommend to all advertisers start using anti fraud services to start savings money. Most of these type of services offer a free period (7, 14 or even 30 days)to test if you you have fraud in your account.

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